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Ducati Revs the Capital

Ducati Revs the Capital 2018

Ducati Revs Riders


Ducati Revs is back at Summit Point this year on Saturday and Sunday, July 14-15.

The event will be sponsored by Ducati Winchester and the track sessions will be run by N2 Track Days who will provide the instruction and coaching for the event.  

Come check out the repaved surface at Summit.  

The event will also be open to N2 members so it may sell out quickly.
The cost is $250 per day.

Contact Rob Cichielo at N2 to reserve your spot:  rcichielo@n2td.org

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GIRO Annual Italian Motorcycle Show


MAD will be co-sponsoring the 2nd Annual Giro d'Italia Italian Motorcycle show at

Summit Point Motorsports Park.

October 15, 2017 from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. 


Click the image below for the event flyer.



You can find more detals on the event website.

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New MAD Feature

New MAD feature for creating your own Web Pages...Please Read...

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