1974 Sport Desmo Special - Mike Cecchini

Maybe some text about the project, how it started, some bike specs, and what was involved getting it to this stage........


Ducati Concorso National Finals 2007 @ Laguna Seca MotoGP Weekend.

First place in Bevel Specials, fifth overall.

Location Laguna Seca just below the corkscrew. Photo by Brian J. Nelson.



Looking good, but not finished. Designed for long weekends in W.Va. and track events, not a show queen. Subtle changes in seat height, foot pegs lowered 1" and clip-on's above the yoke (MV Agusta America fork tubes) make it quite comfortable even for my old bones.


The gas tank see-thru window used as a gas gauge by the factories in the 70's. This tank however is a 80% scaled down copy of the factory tank and with modern epoxy that does not desolve like originals when exposed to today's ethanol fuels. The tank took almost a year to make going from western USA to Canada and back to Maryland many times.






















Ducati 851/888 instruments were made into vintage lookers with dial and needle change-outs to keep the period flavor. Now they will live for decades........and accurate. And yes.....it can be run up to and beyond 10k rpms. A Guy Martin motor loves rpms vs original bevel motors must stay below 7500 rpm to survive.




















This shot is why there's nothing quite like the Ducati Roundcase 750 motor.


Arguably the most elegant and delicious (GT) headlight bracket on the planet from the 750 GT. Pure function with incredible simplicity.
Planet alignment. Hard to believe my shirt emblem matched the gas tank gel decal I found 10 yrs. before I ever thought of owning a Ducati Roundcase.

Owner: Edwards, Christopher