1170 RS Ducati: FCD & JHP Racing

Part 1 of a Three Part Series: 1170 RS Overview
Part 1: 1170 RS Overview
Part 2: 1170 RS - Building the Bike (coming soon)
Part 3: The RS at Barber Motorsports Park - The Race (coming soon)
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The Ducati Desmodue: A Modern & Lightweight Racing Platform

Low Tech: Large Cylinders, 2 Valves per Cylinder, Air Cooled
1170 RS: 1170 cc displacement
Engine: Ducati Desmodue/Hypermotard Evo 1100

Photography by Charles Kershner Photography
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In a return to design basics, JHP Racing/Ducati Coventry and Frederick Cederna Design developed the Ducati Desmodue 1170RS as a modern and lightweight racing platform to take on Superbikes & Supersports. Combining the 300 pound weight with a 128 hp power plant, the 1170 RS targets the power to weight ratio of a GP 250. While not able to out-gun adversaries with top speed, the light weight package targets late braking and lithe cornering characteristics that look to outmaneuver water cooled and 4-valve engine competitors. In other words, while it may play catch up on straight-aways, the corners are its prime hunting grounds. At the right track it will own the lap time.

Own Braking. Own the Corner. Own the lap. 1170 RS.

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The Ducati SS: Back to the Future
A light, air-cooled Superbike with simple Ducati engine architecture has much appeal. Although Ducati offers several Desmodue models, the Supersport line offering of a sportbike with two-valves per cylinder has been absent from the product list for years. A re-birth and Renaissance of the SS could allow a potent and more affordable track tool.

Alan Cathcart on the RS at Barber Motorsports Park, October 2011


 1170 RS Desmodue

  • Effective power to weight ratio: ~300 lbs/115 horsepower = 2.6 lbs/hp
  • A durable and robust Ducati two valve power plant
  • Air cooled: Fewer parts & lighter weight
  • 1170 cc engine (upgraded to Hypermotard Evo engine), radial brakes, modern suspension


RS Design & Features

Design: Chassis & Power Plant

  • Potent power-to-weight ratio: +128 hp power plant and 301 pounds (almost dry – includes front fork oil, rear shock oil, battery, and brake oil) with stainless steel valves.
  • Lightweight chassis: Pierobon F042 frame with revised swing arm
  • Carbon Fiber front sub-frame and integrated rear sub-frame (seat)
  • Working ram-air system for a racing Desmodue
  • Rear cylinder cooling: Targeted air flow through air tunnels & body vents
  • Lower exhaust and COG
  • Improved engine cooling: large ‘V’ oil cooler
  • Improved fuel delivery: 1098 fuel pump
  • Modern electronics: Falco digital dash/data logger/lightweight battery/wiring harness
  • Chassis:      F042 with updated swing-arm
  • Wheels:      Magnesium Dymag 7-spoke
  • Transmission:      Close-ratio gearbox

Design: A Lightweight Aesthetic Combining Structure & Curve

  • Lightweight design – small bodywork & panels
  • Expression of the structural frame
  • Accent on curve and fluid form
  • No unnecessary      plumbing, also allowing less weight and contributing to slender &      elegant lines.

Front Side View

Design & Fabrication:
JHP Ducati/Ducati Coventry
John Hackett & Rick Hackett


It’s no secret that JHP Racing/Ducati Coventry are masters of Ducati and racing machines. JHP Racing assembled and fabricated all motor, chassis, & rolling chassis, components for the RS. This included custom Dymag wheels, titanium exhaust, all engine builds (3), chassis setup, suspension settings & valving, wiring harness, digital display, data logger, electronics & sensors, electronics mounts, etc. In straight & simple words, John & Rick Hackett at JHP Racing gave the RS the raison d’etre. JHP made the RS into the elegant tool



Design: Frederick Cederna Design

Frederick Cederna Design provided the gas tank & bodywork with integrated ram-air & air box. Design innovations included incorporating a 1098 fuel pump in the tank & V-shaped oil cooler in the front fairing. The bodywork & tank were shaped on site at Sharkskinz in Fort Lauderdale working with Dave Lee & Rick/Jason the Lee (owner & sons). Bucks for the tank were sent to John Harvey at Fuel Cel for molding/reproduction. Following completion, all bodywork, airbox, & tank, motor and rolling chassis were shipped to JHP Racing for build (work in progress @ SharkskinZ below).



1170 RS Design/Fabrication

Frederick Cederna Design

1170 RS Fabrication/Design/Assembly
JHP Racing & Ducati Coventry
John & Rick Hackett


Frame & Chassis: Pierobon F04


Bodywork Fabrication: Skarkskinz Racing Bodies
Dave Lee & Rick Lee & Jason Le



Fuel Tank Fabrication: FuelCel
John Harvey


Alan Cathcart on the 1170 RS October 2011
Photography by Kel Edge Photography ©Kel Edge 2013 – All Rights Reserved



Owner: Frederick, Douglas