Technical Stuff

Tech Articles and Information
Battery Info

   Battery Maintenance - Mike Cecchini

   Battery Maintenance - another good site

   Battery Information - Mike Cecchini
   Charging or Not? - David Lillard (USDesmo)
Bike Support
   Front Wheel Stand - Chris Edwards
   Full Bike Support - Chris Edwards
   Bike Support - Mike Cecchini
   Bike Work Table - Chris Edwards
   Front End Support - Chris Edwards
   John J. Fisher's Ceiling Support/Lift
   Front Wheel Stand - Dennys Passeto
   Greg Smith Bike Table
Brake Info
   Brake Banjo Switches
   Single Reservoir Conversion - Chris Edwards
   Bucci Ducati Performance Slipper Clutch Instructions
   Clutch Plate "Stacking" - Mike Cecchini
   Home Made Clutch Tools - Chris Edwards
   STM Slipper Clutch Diagram
   Conversion Web Site
Engine Stuff
      Sprag Starter Clutch
      Alternator Cover/Flywheel Removal
   2 Valve, Valve Adjustment
       Valve Adjustment - Monster Man
 Engine Mods Links (Dynos)
Final Drive - Chains/Sprockets
   Chain Master Link Safety Wired - Mike Cecchini
   Regina Chain Tool Use
   Sprocket Ratio Chart
   Sprocket Ratio Chart and Chain Length
Forks (See Suspension - below)
   Ducati VIN Info
   Ducati Paint (
   Source to Purchase parts Fiche
Riding Tips
   Street Riding 'The Pace'
   Street Riding 'The Pace' revisited
Safety Wiring
   Safety Wire Oil Drain and Filter on a Ducati
   Powder Coating
       Powder Coating Manassas, VA
   Radiator Repair
       Radiator Repair
   Wheel Straightening
      Wheel Straightening (
       Wheel Straightening (Frame Straight Systems)
   Suspension Troubleshooting
   9x6/7x8 Fork Height
   916/996/748 Suspension Setup Guide
   ST4 Fork Oil Replacement
   General Suspension Setup Info
   Race-Tech Spring Rate Chart   (
Tech Tips
   "2 Valve" Rear Cylinder Cooling Mod
Tire Information
   Tire Chart Conversion
    Rear Wheel Nut Socket Size for (7x8,9x6) is 46mm or 1-13/16"
    99x Swing Arm Removal Tool  (courtesy John Kulczycki.)
Torque Settings for 996
    996 Torque Settings
   Maryland Metrics Torque Calculator
Transporting a Bike
   Bike Tie Down for Transport - Mike Cecchini
   Bike Tie Down for Transport - Chris Edwards
VIN Info
   Ducati VIN Info
Winterizing a Bike
   Winterizing your Bike



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