Front Wheel Bike Stand

Chris Edwards

The larger image has a description of the materials used

I wanted a stand that I could park the bike in easily at track events and well as in my garage.

All the aluminum was purchased from a local Lowes home improvement store.

I used metric screws and nuts to assemble it, primarily because I had bought a whole bunch from McMaster-Carr and I have a Sears Metric Tap and Die set.

The next one I build will be put together with 3/16" pop rivets.

The whole left side allows about a 3/4" adjustment to allow for different width front tires. The right side 'L' is permanently mounted to the base plate and the ground stabilizers. I thought I might need some 45 degree stabilizers to stop the main supports twisting left and right, but this has not been the case.

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Click for larger image The bolts, inicated by the red lines, are where the left side of the 'L' can be loosened and adjusted to fit different tire widths. The bolt that comes through the square tubing has a slot cut to allow it to slide. This bolt is actually tapped into the left side 'L' to give it extra strength, that's why there is not a nut on it.
The vertical and horizontal 'L' sections are clamped between two pieces of 'L' section. I used M4 button head bolts, purely so I could take it apart while prototyping the stand, I tapped the threads in the aluminum. Click for larger image

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The base is made from 1/8" alumimum plate. I placed the uneven side down because I wanted good surface contact between the 'L' section supports and this plate. The other side of this plate is smooth.